Focus, Font and Contrast

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Focus, Font and Contrast

keep it simple-billboard

Focus on a single idea.

Viewers have 4 to 5 seconds to see and understand your billboard. Out Of Home advertisements need to be straightforward and to the point. Here at Arizona Billboard Company we know this is the single most important factor of a successful billboard campaign. We tell the truth, and we don’t fluff message. We help you to resist packing lots of information onto a billboard because your customer just wont read it.



Effective and Simple Typography is very important

When designing Out-of-Home we select readable fonts.  There are standard fonts that work well but we’ll also want to use a font that you are already using in your media or website. Fonts used for OOH designs must be easy to read from variable distances so we’ll use large, legible typefaces. If your font has thin strokes or ornate script designs we will recommend a different font. Adequate spacing between letters, words and lines will enhance visibility.

contrasting colors

Last but not least is the use of Color.

Is your billboard among green trees? If so, we won’t use a green background. If your billboard is high in the sky, we won’t use blue. Billboard placement and the colors used on the board is a skill we possess and a tactic we use when considering artwork.

Research by OOH proves that high color contrast can improve out-of-home advertising recall by 38%. We will choose colors with high contrast in both hue and value as well as contrasting colors that are easy to see from great distances.

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