Billboard On Fire

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Billboard On Fire

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We’d like to highlight an amazing billboard in Norfolk, Va.

It’s a fire restoration company’s elaborate billboard depicting a burning home. We’re highlighting it because the design prompted a flood of 911 calls over the weekend.

After months of planning and design, Belfor Property Restoration unveiled the billboard at a prime location along Virginia Beach Boulevard. It was realistic enough for the Norfolk Fire Department to ask the company to shut it off after receiving emergency call after emergency call.

Adams Outdoor Advertising made the billboard and used a machine to pump smoke from a fake window with charred curtains. A display of lights simulated flames.

“The biggest concern we want to kind of convey to the public is that the billboard is not on fire,” said Michael Hall, marketer for Belfor.

The company agreed to inform the public before installing another, similar, billboard along I-64 in Hampton.

That is some pretty effective design work if people think it is actually on fire. – Proving that people do read billboards!