Need 10 Good Facts about Corona Virus?

In this time of uncertainty, Arizona Billboard Company would like to bring good news to the table. We understand that tragedy befalls the most benevolent people. We also understand that hard times create ripples that echo throughout the economy and that financial hard times hurt people as well.

Americans are resilient and strong and we know the economy will come back. Restaurants will open their doors, movie theaters will fire up the projectors and pop that corn until it overflows onto the floor. The grocery store shelves will overflow once again and our only complaints will be the weather or bad traffic.

What fuels our positive outlook? Below is our top ten good news points involving COVID-19:

1. FDA approved therapy drugs that are reducing COVID lethality.

2. The last temporary hospital in China has closed.

3. 90-95% of large manufacturing companies in China are back online- Ours will follow soon.

4. 65-70% of small businesses are back to work.

5. One of the two clusters of infected cities in Italy are reporting only 5 infections a day–down from 35 a day.

6. Erasmus Medical Center has found an antibody and Israel has developed a new vaccine and will begin testing shortly.

7. Apple reopens all 42 China stores

8. The mask shortage is going away as new cleaning techniques have been approved by FDA

9. Our response to future pandemics will improve.

10. Plasma from newly recovered patients from Covid-19 can treat others infected by COVID-19.

So there it is. Breathe. Business will return. Billboard advertising will again be an extremely effective way to reach customers. Our team will be there to help your marketing plan work.

So make your plans! Let us wrap a bus for you! Cover a forty-foot billboard with your sale! Buckle up, there are still good times ahead. 


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