Loving Your Dog

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Loving Your Dog

Category : Billboard Successes

-by Brad Peterson, Jan 27th 2014

This is a great example of how accessible billboards can be to everyday people and even small businesses. Billboards are not just for the big guys.

missing dog billboard

Source= cbsoutdoor.com “Digital Billboards have a long standing history in helping spread the message of amber alerts and even catching criminals on the most wanted list; now DOOH is being used to help dog lovers around the world reunite with their lost furry loved ones! Honey, a lightning-fast Rhodesian Ridgeback mix, has been on the lam since Oct. 11. She is believed to be roving the length of the Saddle River and at the moment may be North Jersey’s most famous dog – thanks to a digital billboard flashing her image on Route 80! What better way to find a missing loved one than putting their face on a larger than life digital billboard? Honey, who is not microchipped, has been spotted at the Ridgewood Duck Pond and was seen on an Upper Saddle River home’s surveillance video. A “Bring Honey Home” Facebook page has 1,300 “likes” and chronicles Honey sighting. Read more on other missing dogs across the country.”