7 straight quarters of Growth!

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7 straight quarters of Growth!

Category : Billboard News

-March 29th, 2012

Marketing Forecast reports that this is the 7th quarter of growth for the outdoor advertising world. This This growth rate was stronger than the general ad market experienced, notes Stephen Freitas, OAAA Chief Marketing Officer. Overall, the top 10 categories in out-of-home advertising account for nearly 80% of industry spending. This is evidence that people pay attention to billboards, bus bench advertising, posters, mobile billboards and other forms of outdoor advertising. Here’s the breakdown:
Miscellaneous Services and Amusements: ($1.13 billion)
Media and Advertising: ($626 million)
Retail: ($536 million)
Financial: ($504 million)
Restaurants: ($491 million)
Public trans, hotels, and resorts: ($485 million)

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source: http://www.marketingforecast.com/archives/17329