Huge News From OAAA & Nielsen Research- Consumers are engaged!

the perfect billboard for you!

Reposted from the OAAA website Thought Leadership by Steve Nicklin: LINK

“OAAA’s latest Nielsen studies find digital OOH produces high levels of engagement, consumer awareness and prompts consumer action. In fact, the research found consumers who notice directions from a DOOH are highly likely to visit a business and over 80% will make a purchase.”

Let’s break down the numbers:

Among consumers noticing digital billboards

  • 52% noticed digital billboards that gave directions to a store, business, or restaurant
  • 57% of them immediately visited the business after viewing the ad
  • 93% of those visiting the business made a purchase
  • 52% of viewers with smartphones have engaged in actions on their mobile device after seeing a digital billboard in the past year

If a company’s marketing plan does not include Out Of Home advertising like billboards, they are throwing away potential customers.

We are living in difficult economic times. Businesses are closing because they can’t cope with COVID regulations or engage customers meaningfully. Don’t let an opportunity like this go. There are customers out there and your business deserves to thrive.

Grab your customers attention! Get a billboard today!!

The full reports, which include granular data on mobile billboards, airports and taxis, are available on OAAA’s website: Nielsen DOOH – Billboards, Street Furniture, Place-Based and Airports; and Nielsen DOOH – Transit.

Read the entire article by Steve Nicklin VP Marketing at OAAA

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