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Arizona Billboard Company sells, manages and designs billboards for the entire Phoenix area.

We Contract Any Billboard in Phoenix.

Phoenix Billboards

Billboards are placed along highways and freeways, ensuring that people will see them. This is the biggest advantage of purchasing a billboard. Unlike other forms of advertising, billboards cannot be turned off or skipped. Even if you only drive by a billboard, some part of your brain will register it. Furthermore, if people travel the same route often, they will see the billboard multiple times, increasing the branding of your logo or company.

Looking for an effective way to advertise your business in Phoenix, Arizona? Consider investing in a billboard. Billboards are a powerful marketing tool that delivers your message to a large and diverse audience. With vibrant visuals and captivating taglines, billboards grab the attention of drivers, walkers and commuters alike.

Our billboard ad space is available in prime locations across Phoenix, providing maximum visibility and exposure for your brand. From freeways to city streets, our billboards ensure that your ad is seen by thousands of people each day who are driving or walking past them.

Our team can help you design a dynamic and engaging billboard ad that effectively communicates your message and reflects your brand’s unique identity. We can offer you long-term contracts so that you can achieve sustained visibility for your business, and we ensure that your ad is placed in the most strategic and high-traffic areas of Phoenix.

Investing in billboard advertising can help you stand out in a crowded marketplace, increase brand awareness, and ultimately boost your sales. Partner with us today to take your advertising efforts to the next level and reach your target audience in Phoenix, Arizona.


Phoenix Bulletins

The bulletin board billboard size is the largest standard-sized form of outdoor advertising located on highly visible areas of the major freeways and primary arteries of a city. With a Bulletin board you have unlimited creative flexibility with the ability to capture your customers’ attention. Permanent Bulletins remain on one location in high density areas for maximum advantage. Rotary Bulletins moves from one location to another at stated intervals for more maximum coverage.


Poster sized Billboards reach a specific audience to stimulate new sales or point of purchase locations. You are able to have instant market saturation where your customers live, work and play. You are able to broadcast your message to as many people as possible in a short amount of time. 

digital LED billboard advertising

Digital LED Billboards

This is the newest concept in outdoor billboard advertising. You can literally change your copy up to the minute from the song playing on radio station 94.9 FM to the score at the Phoenix – 35 Lakers – 32 games at the end of the 1st quarter from Fox Sports Arizona. Update your board with you daily special for your restaurant. Additionally, digital displays now offer options never before available to outdoor advertising; networking capabilities and fully animated creative. The advertising message can be changed with a simple electronic file download.

Other types of Outdoor Advertising in Phoenix