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Get Inspired this Spring with the 4 Best Out-of-Home Ad Campaigns

The OBIE Outdoor Advertising Awards are out and we thought we’d share. After all, Spring is a season of new beginnings and inspiration. Take a look at these inspiring campaigns. Top Honors go to…

Best Billboard Campaign: Jackson Marketing Group’s campaign promoting the Big League World Series for kids 15-18 (Easley, SC) featured “photos of kids competing in prior editions of the tournament… ads that illustrated the drama of playing on a national stage.”

Best Multi-Format Campaign: A colorful, fun fact packed campaign promoting the Adler Planetarium (Chicago, IL).

Best Furniture/Transit/Alternative Campaign: Bus shelters featuring Denver Water’s incredible handmade, 3-D “You Can’t Make This Stuff” ads.

See the rest of the winners and read the article. Call Arizona Billboard Company to create your own inspired ad campaign.

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Billboard On Fire

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We’d like to highlight an amazing billboard in Norfolk, Va.

It’s a fire restoration company’s elaborate billboard depicting a burning home. We’re highlighting it because the design prompted a flood of 911 calls over the weekend.

After months of planning and design, Belfor Property Restoration unveiled the billboard at a prime location along Virginia Beach Boulevard. It was realistic enough for the Norfolk Fire Department to ask the company to shut it off after receiving emergency call after emergency call.

Adams Outdoor Advertising made the billboard and used a machine to pump smoke from a fake window with charred curtains. A display of lights simulated flames.

“The biggest concern we want to kind of convey to the public is that the billboard is not on fire,” said Michael Hall, marketer for Belfor.

The company agreed to inform the public before installing another, similar, billboard along I-64 in Hampton.

That is some pretty effective design work if people think it is actually on fire. – Proving that people do read billboards!


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Cancer Institute Outdoor campaign ‘Pretty Shady’

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Here in the Southwest we can relate to an outdoor bus ad in Sydney, Australia.

The Cancer Institute NSW’s ‘Pretty Shady’ campaign provided Sydney pedestrians with UV protection and shade in an effort to highlight the truth about the harsh Australian sun.

Cancer Institute NSW, JCDecaux and UM created a custom-built SPF50+ sun screen dispensers on numerous bus shelter wraps. It also shaded commuters from damaging UV rays.

It was a salute to old-school ‘lucky grab’ crane arcade game.  The custom-built JCDecaux Citylights dispenser panel is operated by a mechanical claw. The dispenser mechanism is designed to engaging people with a serious sun safety message.

Bus-shelter wraps which included custom roof panels, have been installed throughout the CBD and summer hot spots to provide Sydney commuters with shelter from harmful UV rays and help to raise awareness of the ‘Pretty Shady’ sun smart message and overall campaign aimed to stop skin cancer, one summer at a time.

“Pretty Shady takes a fresh approach to raising awareness and encouraging sun protection in young people,” said Alecia Brooks, Portfolio Manager Skin Cancer Prevention, Cancer Institute NSW.

“This installation is all about getting sunscreen into the hands of a generation who can work together to stop Skin Cancer one summer at a time,” continued Brooks.

“Out-of-Home is now more than ever, an active medium that provides unique engagement opportunities that deliver real results,” said Alan Klein, Head of Creative Solutions, JCDecaux.

“The Pretty Shady activity is the perfect example of how OOH can deliver a real value exchange by providing tangible benefits to those who engage or come into contact with the campaign,” continued Klein.

Probably in competition with Arizona, Australia has the highest rate of skin cancer in the world but change can happen. We know that stopping sun damage stops 95% of melanomas, the deadliest form of skin cancer. If people share and engage in this message and act upon it, the next generation of young Aussies should be able to turn the tables. Here in Tucson, we’ve seen a dramatic reduction in skin cancer rates from bringing awareness to people.


watch the cool video here:

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Fun billboard idea from Cannons Digital Camera Campaign

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This is a great campaign idea! Check this out. Maybe next time you’re in New York or somewhere just as amazing, you’ll use Cannon’s tips and take the perfects picture.

This quote is from the AdWeek’s mag: source

“Starting today, Canon and 360i are setting up pop-up digital billboards around New York’s most photographed locations to help people snap their best photos.

The outdoor campaign includes trucks that pop open to display digital screens in three of the city’s most-photographed areas: the Flatiron District, Central Park South (at 59th Street and 5th Avenue) and the Brooklyn Bridge (at Brooklyn Bridge Park’s Fulton Ferry Landing). The brand is also running ads on billboards at Penn Plaza near Madison Square Garden.

Through Sunday, the digital billboards will pull in 200 tips from data gathered from social networks, traffic updates and weather information, and the billboard’s creative can be swapped on the fly based on current conditions.

“We started by looking at the hottest regions of photo activity in NYC, based on where people were taking and posting the most photos, which guided the placement of our billboards,” said Pierre Lipton, 360i’s chief creative officer. “Throughout the campaign we’ll be listening on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and responding to people who submit their photos on these platforms. And that’s in addition to all the APIs we’ll be listening to—pulling in weather, traffic, location information and more.”

Outside of Madison Square Garden, New York Knicks and Rangers fans will see a sports-related message before the teams’ games this week. And during Billy Joel’s concert on Thursday night, attendees will get a tip on how to snap a concert picture.

Other advice includes how to shoot into bright sunlight in the middle of the day, take a picture in the rain and fog, and shoot the perfect sunset.


A team of five people will also be on-site to give passersby tips on how to take pictures, and people can also test out Canon cameras.

Using the hashtag #RealTimeTips, people who post on social media will be directed to, a scrolling website filled with 100 tips for photographers like “how to create a double exposure.” Each one is illustrated with cinemagraphs and GIFs.

Check out the heat map of New York’s most photographed locations:


Canon’s campaign is the latest example of the brand’s focus on mobile and digital work that doesn’t necessarily promote its line of cameras. Last year, Canon launched a digital platform for photographers to share their work and this year’s “Project Imagination: The Trailer” contest with Hollywood producer Ron Howard encouraged consumers to submit 60-second films from their lives.”

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Behind OOH’s Strong Third Quarter

Spending Rises 4.3 percent, well ahead of other traditional media

Out of home ad spending appears to be immune to many of the problems dogging other traditional media of late.

While newspapers, magazines, radio and even now television are struggling to hold onto advertising dollars, OOH revenue is going up.

That continued in the third quarter when advertising spending increased by 4.3 per cent over last year, according to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America. Spending hit $1.71 billion and it marked the medium’s 22nd straight quarter growth. By contrast, Kantar media estimates overall ad spending was down by about 4 percent in the third quarter.

There are three main reasons for OOH’s continued health compared to other traditional media. The first, and mot notable, is that unlike print and broadcast, OOH is not seeing advertisers flee to digital. Standard Media Index, which tracks ad spending on the part of 80 per cent of U.S. agencies, notes that the impact of digital on OOH has been minimal. Most advertisers are not shifting budgets out of OOH to the web. Instead they’re taking that money from other traditional media. According to SMI data for October, OOH barely saw any shift in its budget in the top six ad categories compared to last year. whereas radio for instance saw a decline in nearly every category. And newspapers were off 11 percent in retail alone.

Another Key to OOH’s continued growth has been its ability to integrate neatly with the hottest thing in advertising, mobile. Advertisers can add mobile components to their campaign easily through Bluetooth or QR codes.

Finally, top ad categories increased their OOH spending in the third quarter. Retail, the No. 2 category was up 10 per cent, to 16.4 million, the biggest growth for any top-10 category. The No.1 ( miscellaneous services and amusements) and No 3 (media and advertising) categories were also both up at least 7 percent from last year.

By Bill Cromwell – MEDIA LIFE Magazine

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Artists Win FREE Billboard for a Year!

A New billboard competition will award one creative student billboard exposure for an entire year! We know, from the success of billboards, how monumental this could be for that artist.

A billboard featuring the work of Matt Halm, of Macungie, the People’s Choice Award Winner from the ArtPop 2015 competition. (Courtesy photo)

The ArtPop Lehigh Valley Billboard Program fired up in 2014 and is a public art program focused on highlighting local artists and the roles they play in communities by featuring their work on popular billboards.

The works of six artists are featured on Adams billboard’s for all of 2015.

The cool thing is that ArtPop will add a student contest in 2016, awarding one lucky student the same honor: their original artwork on display on an Adams billboard for all of 2016.

“What is so great about this project is that it teaches youth the professional approach to art and business,” said Diane LaBelle, executive director of Lehigh Valley Charter High School for the Arts and one of the contest judges. “It especially dramatizes the connection between artistic creativity and entrepreneurship in the global world of the 21st century.”

The ArtPop Scholastic Competition will be open to Lehigh and Northampton county high schoolers. But, here at Arizona Billboard Company, we think this should be reproduced in other local areas because of the value it can add to every community.


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OOH Advertising Tops All Media with Consumer Connections Near Point-of-Purchase

Ad dollars spent in Out-Of-Home (OOH) advertising, “positively impact purchase behavior,” according to Jim Spaeth of RealityMine, who conducted a recent study.

The report determined that consumers rarely leave home without their mobile devices…and OOH’s reach, interactive capabilities and captivating messages move consumers to immediately look up and learn more about products and services. Additionally, OOH is more likely to reach potential clients in the hour leading up to mobile activities, consistently outperforming TV, Radio and Print.
According to Jim Spaeth, “OOH is often the first step on the path to purchase…and can secure shopper engagement with an effective hand-off to mobile.” Four out of ten respondents indicated that they had an OOH ad in mind up to one hour prior to engaging in their mobile online shopping action.
Remember…OOH Advertising – whether it’s Buses, Billboards, Benches and more – cannot be turned off, turned down, or tuned out. OOH Advertising is up live and working for you 24/7 to get your message out to potential customers and keep your company branded.
Article from OAAA 9/2/15, reported by Jack Loechner, Center for Media Research

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Billboard Success Tips

Billboards are everywhere and we, most likely,  see hundreds of billboard ads during a typical week, but retain just a few. Who can remember all those ads anyway? We remember relevant ads to us and ads that stand out and communicate well. Outdoor ads and marketers are becoming more competitive and it’s important to know a few rules to make your advertising as effective as you can. We’ve compiled six strategies to ensure your billboard has the highest chance of being noticed, and more importantly, remembered.

1: Billboards need to keep to Six Words or Less. (Yes a web address counts as a word

Most people are on the move when reading billboards and don’t have a ton of time to absorb the message. That gives us around six seconds to read a billboard. Conclusion: six words is all you should use to get your message across. It is possible to increase this a few words depending on location of the board, but as a rule, less is more effective here. Keeping a message this simple is tough, but small paragraphs will not be read so why spend money on crafting a paragraph. That means, if you have a complex brand, product or service, stay away from billboards or have our marketing team craft a pithy solution for your message. We have experience in creating INTERESTING ads that drive traffic to websites for more information.
2: Make a Positive Impact, Not a Huge Distraction.

Billboards are aimed at drivers, bikers, cyclists or pedestrians. This creates a dilemma for the advertiser; get noticed, but be responsible. You don’t want to cause any major, or even minor, accidents. The billboard “Hello Boys” Wonderbra ads caused havoc. Drivers were so attracted by Eva Herzigova’s cleavage that they crashed into poles, medians and even other. So, while distraction is paramount in many ads, there is a fine balance with billboards.

3: Billboards are Not the Best Time for Direct Response.

Billboards covered in phone numbers and website addresses may miss the mark. A hard number to remember or a long website address will not be remembered by 99.9% of the people who actually read the billboard. A billboard is a secondary advertising medium. It’s best as a brand-building and support campaign, but it cannot do all the heavy lifting. We have 800 numbers that will be remembered and we can suggest a web address that will link to your site.

4: More Billboards,  More Better.

One billboard is not cheap. But it’s also not the most effective either. Billboards are a mass market medium, and they need support. We’ve found that you want more than one to get as many eyes on them as possible. Every billboard is rated, called Gross Ratings Points (GRP) . It’s based on traffic, visibility, location and size. This rating gives you a score between 1 and 100. 50 means that at least 50% of the population would see one of your boards at least once a day. If you have only one board, your impact chances are less than if you have three or four. You really want a 100 score, but those boards are not cheap.

6: Show it, Don’t Say It.

Be creative with your billboard layout. A flat billboard is the standard, but it doesn’t have to be flat. You can go 3D, have moving parts and even have your billboard animate. There is no reason that it just has to be a large, simple print ad. You have an opportunity to do something eye-catching and memorable, so do it. If done right, you’ll create additional press, for free. A recent example of that is this simulated crash billboard that got major coverage from multiple news stations. The price of the 3D board was more than the cost of regular artwork, but it paid for itself many times over with PR impressions.

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Experts say Outdoor Advertising Thriving in Digital Age

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Many companies forget about outdoor media, but when those companies add billboards and other outdoor ads to their marketing campaign they quickly see how successful these types of ads are. Industry experts are saying to all marketeers, Don’t forget about Billboards!

Outdoor media includes Billboards, bus bench ads, poster ads, movie theater ads, car wraps, exterior signage and any other out of doors advertising platform. It’s important to take into account all forms of outdoor ads when looking at product or promotional platforms.

Casey Lamonski, marketing innovator with Five Creative Group in Fresno, says the more pieces a company uses, the more success they will see. Huge companies are investing in billboards because they draw a lot of attention to businesses and services and they will pay top dollar for these spots. These companies include: Google, Apple, Sony, Ford etc. They have entire teams devoted to tracking the success of outdoor ads and they keep investing. That tells marketing directors that billboards work.

Out-of-Home advertising industry hit 1.64 billion in the third quarter of 2014 pushing the bottom line up 1.5%. This is the EIGHTEENTH consecutive quarter of growth for the industry. That’s amazing!

“The trick is to get as many eyeballs on your message as possible.” says Kim Duchscher, sales representative with A List Banners.

Boling Air Media unveiled a 105,000 cubic-foot thermal air ship with a huge billboard on the side. They hover over stadiums and beaches and reach millions of viewers because of the sheer size of the ship. Goodyear Blimp also sells ad at a premium because they record high sales after short flights above huge crowds.


Due to the depressed economy a lot of small businesses dismiss outdoor media but that is a mistake. Billboards are very successful across all industries and are why when a new board goes up, people look.

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As far as advertising goes it sometimes is necessary to think outside the box. Billboard Marketing campaigns need to make and impact as well as reach a widest possible audience. And on occasion a company needs to reach beyond a local market to achieve certain goals.

Petroleum Express, a fuel distributor based in Houston, used local billboards for their ‘HELP WANTED’ ads. After a few contracts ran their course and without enough success hiring local drivers it became obvious they needed to think outside their box in Houston.
Tanker Billboard Final-Blue Petroleum Express-1
They hired Arizona Billboard Company to put up billboards around the Tucson Area. They figured Tucson had similar climate and city life and even offered a moving package to entice Tucsonan’s to make the move.

This had very positive results. It became clear that seeking an audience outside a local market is not only beneficial for some businesses, it might be critical.

In 2014, Arizona Billboard company also created a billboard for Crown Pest Control. Their logo depicted a crown above their name. Our designers created a billboard that extend the crown above the borders of the board. This added a visual element to the billboard that captured the eye. It was different enough for passerby’s to look up and say, what is this billboard all about?


That is why thinking outside the box is so necessary in this day and age. Make an impact with your statement. Present it with clarity and focus and your billboard campaign will succeed.

Call us today to find out how we can help!