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No More Bus Bench Ads?

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-by Brad Peterson, Nov 30th, 2013

bus  bench ads an eye sore?

Okay, this is in Los Angeles but (with the 12th largest economy in the WORLD and a trend setter since the 20’s in progressive policies) there is still relevance to us in Arizona. LA wants to eliminate bus bench ads as a way to beautify their neighborhoods. As though the reason for the ugly neighborhoods is the benches themselves. Crazy? You might think it’s wacky but there are some real anti advertisement groups out there buying time and growing politically.

Revenue from the bus benches net LA around 100,000 a year. And those are the benches that the city owns. They also receive all the tax revenue from the companies that sell, create and manage the ads. In a city where deficits affect every social safety net and road and public works project this seems like a terrible idea. Who cares about a bus bench ad? When there’s trash in the streets, cracks that damage suspension, and out-of-control weeds you’d think that neighborhood bus bench ads would be the last on the chopping block. In addition, what are these ‘naked’ benches anyway? Are they so cool and hip looking that taking off the ad takes away the eye sore? Every bus bench I’ve seen isn’t pretty enough to make a difference. They’re an eye sore in themselves. Cover them with great ads for all our sanity!

In Tucson, the companies the rent the bus bench ad space are required to keep them nice and free from graffiti. That’s incentive enough.

Here’s a brainiac idea: try shrinking them first but don’t damage your income, your businesses income or your reputation as a free economy because a few people complain about an ad or two. Let the neigh-sayers squawk all they want. We know the benefit to outdoor advertising. Let’s make sure the legislature does too.