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The good the bad and the funny billboards

Category : Billboard Successes

Billboards are created by humans and therefore still subject to the Laws of Humanism. The Laws of Humanism state that for every three things a human does right the fourth one is wrong. My wife would tell me that that law is for MEN only but I digress.

Here are some billboards that some would say are just plain, WRONG.


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Tech Companies Love Billboards

Tech companies and Facebook pushed the limits of direct to audience ads like email solicitation and Google ads and their marketing came up short. When the company reached out to Billboards, bus stop ads and other out-of-home advertisements they found success.

boxed-01-2014 has an app that sells and delivers wholesale packaged-goods. They purchased subway poster contracts to drive app downloads. Chieh Huang, CEO of Boxed says, “We’ve tried a lot of ROI-based ad networks, and [out-of-home] averages out if you do it right. Even though it is more expensive, we can recoup the costs.”

Out-of-home ads are tougher to track than digital ads but the Boxed study shows that users kept the app on their phones for a long period of time which drove customers to their store in large numbers. They’ve been successful in teaching people to shop from their phones and their brand is gaining momentum.

Paypal, Seamless and Venmo have run successful billboard campaigns as well. The proof is in the contracts. They’ve upped their investment and the only reason why a company would do this is because it works.

Facebook launched its first out-of-home campaign in LA and Chicago to brand Messenger, its new mobile messaging app.
“By using a variety of [out-of-home] creative in our ‘Say Anything Better’ brand campaign, we could be a part of the city landscapes while simultaneously showcasing different messaging for Chicago and L.A.,” said Rebecca Van Dyck, head of Facebook’s brand marketing.
Local businesses can learn from the leaders of industry. If they know the benefits of billboard advertisements, then so should you.

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FBI uses Billboards

Category : Billboard Successes

-by Brad Peterson, Sep. 29th 2014

billboard helps catch criminals

The FBI needs help finding a brutal killer. They seek it from local police departments, communities and advertisements that spread awareness about the fugitive.

Billboards are effective advertisements. They communicate throughout a diverse population assuring the widest possible dissemination of information. Surprised that billboards fill this role? We aren’t. For years we’ve been telling our customers that billboards are seen by thousands of people every day throughout demographically diverse communities. Every time the FBI gets a tip that leads to an arrest we thank the billboards that shared that information.

Example: Frein, 31, of Barrett Township in Monroe county is wanted in the killing of Pennsylvania State Police Cpl. Bryon Dickson and wounding another trooper on September 12th. Full-color roadside digital billboards were used to post a phone number for tips and two pictures of Frein.

The FBI partners with the Outdoor Advertising Association of America and since 2008 have been posting wanted information on digital billboards in real time as investigations unfold.

These digital warning signs have resolved 53 FBI cases. How fantastic is that? Besides Pennsylvania and New Jersey, the billboards are active in Delaware, New York, Maryland and Connecticut. We want the FBI to utilize this important crime fighting tool and would welcome such a program in the Southwest.

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Billboards and Fundraising

Category : Billboard Successes

-by Brad Peterson, Sep. 16th 2014

school billboardWhen a private organization and a public one reaches out to raise some funds they need to appeal to the widest possible market so that everyone can see their message not just a select few. Billboards appeal and are seen by the largest ad market out there. Diversity seems to play well with fundraising.

But we know that, right? Yup. It’s not a secret that billboards are necessary for fundraising campaigns but now there’s a novel NEW idea. Billboards in schools.

Oshkosh Area School District is having success with a billboard campaign designed to raise funds for Wisconsin area schools. Behind the campaign is a parent-teacher organization and Ad-ucation Media (a Hart-ford based media fundraising company that works with public and private school districts selling ad space on mini-billboards that feature educational or inspirational messages.

All the proceeds on the ad sales will benefit the schools directly making up for the loss of soda and candy machine sales (that have dwindled) and from candy bar fundraisers (which are not widely supported by parents anymore). This is much needed revenue for schools! To my surprise schools have reported as much as 30 to 40 thousand dollar losses in revenue. So if billboard advertisements or positive message can help bridge the gap that junk food had filled is okay with us.

Quote from The
“Starting this fall, the company will sell billboard space in Oshkosh area public schools as part of a one-year pilot program that organizers say will generate revenue for the school district. Each billboard includes a business logo that may cover no more than 10 percent of the 4-by-8 space. The school district will receive a commission of about $100 per month for each billboard placed in a school.

Superintendent Stan Mack II, who will be in charge of approving the local sponsors, said he will not approve any companies, for example, whose primary business is to sell alcohol or tobacco products. The revenue will fund elementary school PTOs and student clubs in the secondary-school level.

Ad-ucation also provides districts with the option of having students themselves sign some of the billboards, teaching them how to research, develop marketing strategies and create their own design, Jewell said.”


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Warming Hands Bus Ad

Category : Billboard Successes

-by Brad Peterson, March 24th 2014

warming hands bus bench ad by DuracellThinking outside the box still happens even when it is below freezing. This was the case in Montreal.

Quote: “Nothing enhances a commute like coming into physical contact with a bunch of strangers at the bus stop! The “Moments of Warmth” campaign for Duracell had bus patrons in Montreal join hands to complete a circuit and activate heaters in a branded bus shelter. Commuters gleefully clasped palms and smiled as warmth spread within the shelter. The good intentions don’t end at the bus stop. Share the video from their Facebook page, use the tag #PowerWarmth, and Duracell will donate $1 to Habitat for Humanity.”

great idea! Let’s just hope your not the only one freezing their rear end off and your arms just won’t reach both sides 🙂

Thanks, Duracell for the inspiration!

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Thermo Reactive Billboards and Emotional selling

Category : Billboard Successes

-by Brad Peterson, feb 25th 2014

The future is now. Sort of. We’ve all seen those thermo-reactive toys and nicknacks that kids find magical. For example: t-shirts that add color when the sun hits them, sun glasses that darken in the sun and the kids toys that turn hot pink when you dip them in water. Well, some big brain took that idea to a billboard.

When the temperature is warm you can navigate your smart phone without any worries, but when it’s cold? That’s a different story. So Nokia developed a phone that works when your gloves are on. Novel idea!

Once a company has these novel ideas and then produces them they then have to raise awareness of them so they can empty the shelves. Billboards are remarkably effective in this endeavor and even more so when the message is creative and unique.

Enter the Nokia ad stage left.

billboard for gloves on cell phonesWhen the weather is warm the phone ad is pretty simple saying, “Make love.” Which is a positive message and turns heads. But Nokia doesn’t want to sell love. They want to sell phones. So, with thermo reactive inks printed on the billboard, when the temperature gets frigid the thermo reactive billboard adds text that changes the message to, “Make calls with gloves on.”

Picture this: The day is done. You wait for the trolly on Broadway surrounded by the darkness of the starry night. It’s a bit chilly so you slip on your jacket and gloves. After a hard day at work you now feel the radiant heat of your body trapped in thermo layers of cotton and synthetic fibers and it allows your mussels to relax. You lean back on the bench and smile. This night is off to a great start. You pull out your phone intending to call a loved one and spread the warm feeling you’ve got with conversation through connectivity but you can’t dial your smart phone with gloves on. Frustration snaps you out of your element and jabs at your medulla oblongata. Then you see it. Nokia’s ad just changed due to the temperature drop. They’re selling a solution to your problem! Now you’re going to go get that phone. Dialing or navigating the web with gloves on seems like such a good idea. It’s solidified. It’s sold.

That’s the power of creativity through need and suggestion. It would never have been so powerful a message had you not been cold. Billboards are messages that speak to us while were out and about in the world. They inform and promote and can be oh so successful when the message is pithy and relevant.

Arizona Billboard Company can help you get your message out there. Call us. Maybe you’ve got a novel idea that will help sell your goods or service. Let us help you design that advertisement so it is as effective as it can be!


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Consumer Behavior

Modest dips or rises in total vehicle miles traveled across America will continue – up or down – depending on the season or other market conditions. In these difficult economic times, some national media are in decline because the audiences they reach are eroding. But, outdoor advertising remains a growth medium because it reaches mobile mass or targeted audiences day and night.

By far, people spend more time in the out of home space compared to the in home space. When they are outside the home they are consuming, mobile, and part of the outdoor advertising audience.


In today’s consumer environment, message overload has made it difficult for brands to cut through the clutter and get noticed. Fragmentation has changed the way consumers perceive media. Over the past 30 years, the number of television channels per household has increased dramatically while magazine and radio options have skyrocketed.


Today, consumers choose the ad content they will accept. TiVo has changed the way people watch television, satellite radio and iPods have changed the way people listen to music, and mobile devices have changed the way people find printed news. Outdoor advertising is benefiting from technological advances in communications.


Outdoor is an efficient media buy compared to other traditional media. In contrast, television and radio rates continue to climb as audience share erodes.

Outdoor advertising is there 24/7 and reaches highly mobile American consumers with effective advertising messages. The current economic downturn and resulting change in consumer behavior will have a negligible effect on the reach and frequency of outdoor advertising messages. In fact, during an economy in recession, outdoor advertising, with its high cost effectiveness, may be the best option for companies looking to increase brand awareness and maintain their competitive advantage during tough economic times.

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Digital Billboards Go Viral. . . Because They Can.

Category : Billboard Successes

-by Brad Peterson, feb 10th 2014

digital billboard goes viralDigital billboards are a great way to advertise and they are more inexpensive than traditional billboards because they are easy to put up and take down and they have differing time spans with each contract.

So is it any wonder people are using digital billboards to fan the flames of sport rivalries? We think it’s as funny as the gen manager of North Carolina Fairway Advertising company thinks. See, both sides of the rivalry are paying him to post ads that intentionally display misleading information.

Specifically, one ad says “Proud to call you one of our own, Russel!” then shows a badger and the hashtag #gobadgters. What’s the problem? Russel is spelled wrong. It’s Russell with two L’s. Who care’s? I don’t care about a former Badger / Pack/ Seahawks quarterback but I am fascinated with how viral the board went over the spelling error of dropping an L with an exclamation point.

“You’ve got to do something fun like this occasionally,” Hickman of NC Fairway Advertising said. “They’re laughing. At the end of the day, there’s a lot of laughing going on.”

The board captured the attention of national sports media like Sports Illustrated, Fox Sports and

It shows us how much people pay attention to ads. When you put up an digital billboard or a traditional board you are reaching out into the community. And Arizona Billboard Company can help you make that ad as effective as it can be. We might not get you globally viral but we know how to target your audience. And digital billboards are a great and affordable way to do just that.

Go Badgerz!!

Read more here:

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Loving Your Dog

Category : Billboard Successes

-by Brad Peterson, Jan 27th 2014

This is a great example of how accessible billboards can be to everyday people and even small businesses. Billboards are not just for the big guys.

missing dog billboard

Source= “Digital Billboards have a long standing history in helping spread the message of amber alerts and even catching criminals on the most wanted list; now DOOH is being used to help dog lovers around the world reunite with their lost furry loved ones! Honey, a lightning-fast Rhodesian Ridgeback mix, has been on the lam since Oct. 11. She is believed to be roving the length of the Saddle River and at the moment may be North Jersey’s most famous dog – thanks to a digital billboard flashing her image on Route 80! What better way to find a missing loved one than putting their face on a larger than life digital billboard? Honey, who is not microchipped, has been spotted at the Ridgewood Duck Pond and was seen on an Upper Saddle River home’s surveillance video. A “Bring Honey Home” Facebook page has 1,300 “likes” and chronicles Honey sighting. Read more on other missing dogs across the country.”

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Ugly Billboard for Sale?

Category : Billboard Successes

-by Brad Peterson, Jan 13th 2014

billboard big cheeseWe all come to recognize the importance of billboard advertising and how profitable it can be for a company to advertise on the billboard. But there’s a new trend in the billboard industry that I think is fantastic. They’re Eats Billboards. They first started popping up in New York and now have taken other regions as well.

What am I talking about? Well, when a billboard is waiting to be rented it can be an eye sore. When there are no ads they are just blank papers held high for everyone to see. We look, because the brightness of the white attracts our eyes but we see nothing. If they aren’t white they can sometimes be just the wood or dark backing. This is ugly too. Though it might not attract as much attention, it is still ugly. It also looses the glances of the regular audiences who see it everyday in passing. And putting up a simple sign saying, “Put your Ad Here” is ugly and is as effective as bringing hot dogs to an Iron Chef contest. You are bringing food but you won’t win any hearts. And the billboard companies know this. They don’t want their boards to be hideous or annoying because a billboard is like real-estate. They hold value.

You also can’t keep ads on the boards after their contracts are up because this diminishes their value as well.

So what is being done about it? A creative ad campaign is afoot. The boards are covered with images that are pleasing while they wait formal ad contracts. What a great way to treat a billboard while it’s off dusty. The billboards do not mention any company or product.

One board has the words  ‘”The Big,” then has a picture of cheese. Another board says, “Cool As A,” followed by a photo of a cucumber slice. Then there’s my favorite, “Easy As” in gigantic letters followed by a 12-foot-high picture of a slice of pie.

One Van Wagner billboard  had a photo of a giraffe next to the word “Reach” another one had a whale with the word “Splash.” Liam Tomlinson, a creative director at Van Wagner, said that the animal campaign, was loved by children, while parents were confused. They had tried to figure out what zoo or museum was behind it though it was just a space holding billboard with appeal that added to the value of the billboard.

apple a day billboard
Outdoor ads should be big with bold colors and images and have three to five words. It also helps to use neutral imagery so as not to offend anyone while leaving a smile on people’s faces. So while billboard ads are being created these boards look pretty good.
It’s important to know that the ad reps and potential advertisers know these signs mean the space is available. This is a win win for us All!