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Huge News From OAAA & Nielsen Research- Consumers are engaged!

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Reposted from the OAAA website Thought Leadership by Steve Nicklin: LINK

“OAAA’s latest Nielsen studies find digital OOH produces high levels of engagement, consumer awareness and prompts consumer action. In fact, the research found consumers who notice directions from a DOOH are highly likely to visit a business and over 80% will make a purchase.”

Let’s break down the numbers:

Among consumers noticing digital billboards

  • 52% noticed digital billboards that gave directions to a store, business, or restaurant
  • 57% of them immediately visited the business after viewing the ad
  • 93% of those visiting the business made a purchase
  • 52% of viewers with smartphones have engaged in actions on their mobile device after seeing a digital billboard in the past year

If a company’s marketing plan does not include Out Of Home advertising like billboards, they are throwing away potential customers.

We are living in difficult economic times. Businesses are closing because they can’t cope with COVID regulations or engage customers meaningfully. Don’t let an opportunity like this go. There are customers out there and your business deserves to thrive.

Grab your customers attention! Get a billboard today!!

The full reports, which include granular data on mobile billboards, airports and taxis, are available on OAAA’s website: Nielsen DOOH – Billboards, Street Furniture, Place-Based and Airports; and Nielsen DOOH – Transit.

Read the entire article by Steve Nicklin VP Marketing at OAAA

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Need 10 Good Facts about Corona Virus?

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In this time of uncertainty, Arizona Billboard Company would like to bring good news to the table. We understand that tragedy befalls the most benevolent people. We also understand that hard times create ripples that echo throughout the economy and that financial hard times hurt people as well.

Americans are resilient and strong and we know the economy will come back. Restaurants will open their doors, movie theaters will fire up the projectors and pop that corn until it overflows onto the floor. The grocery store shelves will overflow once again and our only complaints will be the weather or bad traffic.

What fuels our positive outlook? Below is our top ten good news points involving COVID-19:

1. FDA approved therapy drugs that are reducing COVID lethality.

2. The last temporary hospital in China has closed.

3. 90-95% of large manufacturing companies in China are back online- Ours will follow soon.

4. 65-70% of small businesses are back to work.

5. One of the two clusters of infected cities in Italy are reporting only 5 infections a day–down from 35 a day.

6. Erasmus Medical Center has found an antibody and Israel has developed a new vaccine and will begin testing shortly.

7. Apple reopens all 42 China stores

8. The mask shortage is going away as new cleaning techniques have been approved by FDA

9. Our response to future pandemics will improve.

10. Plasma from newly recovered patients from Covid-19 can treat others infected by COVID-19.

So there it is. Breathe. Business will return. Billboard advertising will again be an extremely effective way to reach customers. Our team will be there to help your marketing plan work.

So make your plans! Let us wrap a bus for you! Cover a forty-foot billboard with your sale! Buckle up, there are still good times ahead. 


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Google Billboards? What’s that you say?

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Yes, it is true. Google understands the reality of billboards. They work in the real world and so it goes, they might work in the digital world. We aren’t talking about ads or pop ups. We’re talking about strategically placed pins on Google Maps that will highlight nearby businesses regardless of your search term.

The ads will be called “promoted pins.” They will pinpoint restaurants, clubs, entertainment venues and other merchants located along your route or in the area you’re looking at. I believe they will also show up along your route in the typed areas.

This is the first time Google has inserted the equivalent of a digital billboard into the directions map itself.

Maps app from Waze seems to do this for their map service but they don’t have the reach or clout as Google Maps. They say that Google Maps has more than 1 billion users worldwide, and that’s a lot of weight behind the ad program.

“Google will tailor the new ads to your interests based on what it’s learned from past search requests and other activities on its services.

If the targeting works as intended, coffee lovers might see a promoted pin offering a discounted drink from a Starbucks along their route. Google aims to provide “tasteful commercial experiences,” said Jerry Dischler, a Google product manager who oversees the company’s search-driven advertising.”

Google thinks that the increase of mobile phones and GPS derived map directions is the perfect way to get people going where they want to go, and how to get what they want along the way.

What do you think?


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The Billboard Advantage

Businesses are always seeking new ways to advertise and promote their services or products to the most effective audience and there are so many methods of advertising it is often handed over to marketing firms or specialists. Arizona Billboard Company is one of the specialists. We know how to take advantage of different businesses and industries, understanding there’s not just one right way. We know billboards are effective so lets quickly go over the advantages.

Advantage 1: People Will See It

Since billboards are seen along highways and busy streets, you are guaranteed visibility. Also, unlike commercials or magazine ads, you cannot flip the channel or turn the page. It is proven that people will notice the billboard whether they like it or not. The same is true for vehicle wraps and graphics. The difference is that many people travel the same route every day, such as a commute to work or to the store or to Grandma’s house. That equates to branding. Your customers will see your billboard regularly, which makes it more likely to stick in their minds and eventually make that purchase or appointment.

Advantage 2: Placement is Key and is Your Choice

You know your business and where your market lives. That means you can place your billboard advertisement wherever you feel it will be the most effective. This is a huge advantage when you have a business service area or are targeting an income level or regional mindset. You can also use billboards in areas where reaching people is difficult like a rural farming community or secluded truck stop. We’ll help you figure out how to use this with the best results possible.

Now we must discuss a few rules that lead to successful use of the above advantages.

Messages Must Be Brief

On average, a person will see your billboard for three to four seconds. This means you have to keep your message short and poignant. Successful billboards focus on images and very short blurbs or memorable logos. Billboards are often seen by drivers who don’t have time to read or write something down so any text on the billboard must be large, read easily and memorable.

Long-term Commitment is Key to Market Branding

Billboards are often rented for long-term commitments. This is because it takes a time, energy and money to change billboard ads, but also because the longer the customer sees your message, the more likely they will remember and make a purchase. Branding is the act of creating a nice little spot in someone’s head so that when they need your product or service, they know where to go. We recommend a contract of at least three months. Digital Billboards don’t have the associated cost of vinyl removal and installation but the same rule applies. To stand out of the crowd, you have to make the most noise.

Call Arizona Billboard Today and find our how we can help you succeed in your billboard campaign.


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Billboard On Fire

Category : Billboard Successes

We’d like to highlight an amazing billboard in Norfolk, Va.

It’s a fire restoration company’s elaborate billboard depicting a burning home. We’re highlighting it because the design prompted a flood of 911 calls over the weekend.

After months of planning and design, Belfor Property Restoration unveiled the billboard at a prime location along Virginia Beach Boulevard. It was realistic enough for the Norfolk Fire Department to ask the company to shut it off after receiving emergency call after emergency call.

Adams Outdoor Advertising made the billboard and used a machine to pump smoke from a fake window with charred curtains. A display of lights simulated flames.

“The biggest concern we want to kind of convey to the public is that the billboard is not on fire,” said Michael Hall, marketer for Belfor.

The company agreed to inform the public before installing another, similar, billboard along I-64 in Hampton.

That is some pretty effective design work if people think it is actually on fire. – Proving that people do read billboards!


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Cancer Institute Outdoor campaign ‘Pretty Shady’

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Here in the Southwest we can relate to an outdoor bus ad in Sydney, Australia.

The Cancer Institute NSW’s ‘Pretty Shady’ campaign provided Sydney pedestrians with UV protection and shade in an effort to highlight the truth about the harsh Australian sun.

Cancer Institute NSW, JCDecaux and UM created a custom-built SPF50+ sun screen dispensers on numerous bus shelter wraps. It also shaded commuters from damaging UV rays.

It was a salute to old-school ‘lucky grab’ crane arcade game.  The custom-built JCDecaux Citylights dispenser panel is operated by a mechanical claw. The dispenser mechanism is designed to engaging people with a serious sun safety message.

Bus-shelter wraps which included custom roof panels, have been installed throughout the CBD and summer hot spots to provide Sydney commuters with shelter from harmful UV rays and help to raise awareness of the ‘Pretty Shady’ sun smart message and overall campaign aimed to stop skin cancer, one summer at a time.

“Pretty Shady takes a fresh approach to raising awareness and encouraging sun protection in young people,” said Alecia Brooks, Portfolio Manager Skin Cancer Prevention, Cancer Institute NSW.

“This installation is all about getting sunscreen into the hands of a generation who can work together to stop Skin Cancer one summer at a time,” continued Brooks.

“Out-of-Home is now more than ever, an active medium that provides unique engagement opportunities that deliver real results,” said Alan Klein, Head of Creative Solutions, JCDecaux.

“The Pretty Shady activity is the perfect example of how OOH can deliver a real value exchange by providing tangible benefits to those who engage or come into contact with the campaign,” continued Klein.

Probably in competition with Arizona, Australia has the highest rate of skin cancer in the world but change can happen. We know that stopping sun damage stops 95% of melanomas, the deadliest form of skin cancer. If people share and engage in this message and act upon it, the next generation of young Aussies should be able to turn the tables. Here in Tucson, we’ve seen a dramatic reduction in skin cancer rates from bringing awareness to people.


watch the cool video here:

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Fun billboard idea from Cannons Digital Camera Campaign

Category : Billboard Successes

This is a great campaign idea! Check this out. Maybe next time you’re in New York or somewhere just as amazing, you’ll use Cannon’s tips and take the perfects picture.

This quote is from the AdWeek’s mag: source

“Starting today, Canon and 360i are setting up pop-up digital billboards around New York’s most photographed locations to help people snap their best photos.

The outdoor campaign includes trucks that pop open to display digital screens in three of the city’s most-photographed areas: the Flatiron District, Central Park South (at 59th Street and 5th Avenue) and the Brooklyn Bridge (at Brooklyn Bridge Park’s Fulton Ferry Landing). The brand is also running ads on billboards at Penn Plaza near Madison Square Garden.

Through Sunday, the digital billboards will pull in 200 tips from data gathered from social networks, traffic updates and weather information, and the billboard’s creative can be swapped on the fly based on current conditions.

“We started by looking at the hottest regions of photo activity in NYC, based on where people were taking and posting the most photos, which guided the placement of our billboards,” said Pierre Lipton, 360i’s chief creative officer. “Throughout the campaign we’ll be listening on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and responding to people who submit their photos on these platforms. And that’s in addition to all the APIs we’ll be listening to—pulling in weather, traffic, location information and more.”

Outside of Madison Square Garden, New York Knicks and Rangers fans will see a sports-related message before the teams’ games this week. And during Billy Joel’s concert on Thursday night, attendees will get a tip on how to snap a concert picture.

Other advice includes how to shoot into bright sunlight in the middle of the day, take a picture in the rain and fog, and shoot the perfect sunset.


A team of five people will also be on-site to give passersby tips on how to take pictures, and people can also test out Canon cameras.

Using the hashtag #RealTimeTips, people who post on social media will be directed to, a scrolling website filled with 100 tips for photographers like “how to create a double exposure.” Each one is illustrated with cinemagraphs and GIFs.

Check out the heat map of New York’s most photographed locations:


Canon’s campaign is the latest example of the brand’s focus on mobile and digital work that doesn’t necessarily promote its line of cameras. Last year, Canon launched a digital platform for photographers to share their work and this year’s “Project Imagination: The Trailer” contest with Hollywood producer Ron Howard encouraged consumers to submit 60-second films from their lives.”

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Big Thank You to all our Customers!

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As another year comes to an end and we reflect back on it, we are thankful for the  friendships we share with you our customers. We look forward to continuing to working together in 2016 and beyond.


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Focus, Font and Contrast

keep it simple-billboard

Focus on a single idea.

Viewers have 4 to 5 seconds to see and understand your billboard. Out Of Home advertisements need to be straightforward and to the point. Here at Arizona Billboard Company we know this is the single most important factor of a successful billboard campaign. We tell the truth, and we don’t fluff message. We help you to resist packing lots of information onto a billboard because your customer just wont read it.



Effective and Simple Typography is very important

When designing Out-of-Home we select readable fonts.  There are standard fonts that work well but we’ll also want to use a font that you are already using in your media or website. Fonts used for OOH designs must be easy to read from variable distances so we’ll use large, legible typefaces. If your font has thin strokes or ornate script designs we will recommend a different font. Adequate spacing between letters, words and lines will enhance visibility.

contrasting colors

Last but not least is the use of Color.

Is your billboard among green trees? If so, we won’t use a green background. If your billboard is high in the sky, we won’t use blue. Billboard placement and the colors used on the board is a skill we possess and a tactic we use when considering artwork.

Research by OOH proves that high color contrast can improve out-of-home advertising recall by 38%. We will choose colors with high contrast in both hue and value as well as contrasting colors that are easy to see from great distances.

If you’ve stumbled upon our services, you’ve found the right billboard company. Call us Today!

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Behind OOH’s Strong Third Quarter

Spending Rises 4.3 percent, well ahead of other traditional media

Out of home ad spending appears to be immune to many of the problems dogging other traditional media of late.

While newspapers, magazines, radio and even now television are struggling to hold onto advertising dollars, OOH revenue is going up.

That continued in the third quarter when advertising spending increased by 4.3 per cent over last year, according to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America. Spending hit $1.71 billion and it marked the medium’s 22nd straight quarter growth. By contrast, Kantar media estimates overall ad spending was down by about 4 percent in the third quarter.

There are three main reasons for OOH’s continued health compared to other traditional media. The first, and mot notable, is that unlike print and broadcast, OOH is not seeing advertisers flee to digital. Standard Media Index, which tracks ad spending on the part of 80 per cent of U.S. agencies, notes that the impact of digital on OOH has been minimal. Most advertisers are not shifting budgets out of OOH to the web. Instead they’re taking that money from other traditional media. According to SMI data for October, OOH barely saw any shift in its budget in the top six ad categories compared to last year. whereas radio for instance saw a decline in nearly every category. And newspapers were off 11 percent in retail alone.

Another Key to OOH’s continued growth has been its ability to integrate neatly with the hottest thing in advertising, mobile. Advertisers can add mobile components to their campaign easily through Bluetooth or QR codes.

Finally, top ad categories increased their OOH spending in the third quarter. Retail, the No. 2 category was up 10 per cent, to 16.4 million, the biggest growth for any top-10 category. The No.1 ( miscellaneous services and amusements) and No 3 (media and advertising) categories were also both up at least 7 percent from last year.

By Bill Cromwell – MEDIA LIFE Magazine