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Getting Creative…with Creative!

One of the best ways to get the most out of your advertising dollar is to create a memorable, clever campaign that will leave a lasting impression with everyone who sees your ads. Here are three tips on getting creative – with creative!

1. Extreme Exaggeration
Take the basic idea you want to communicate – your concept – then exaggerate it. Push it beyond reason and reality using copy, visuals or both. An interesting approach is to exaggerate the visual and understate the text, or vice-versa. Simplify your message, the main point you want to get across, into one sentence or visual, and push it…all the way to outrageous!
2. Interesting Character
Your character could be an actor playing a role, or even an illustrated or animated creation. You have total freedom to create and brand yourself – remember that while a “brand character” should represent your brand, in invented character does not…try taking a risk with characters that are outside your brand. Engaging, out of the ordinary characters stand out because they’re quirky, memorable and break through the ho-hum advertising clutter.
3. Problem/Solution
Most everyone has a problem or two – and it could be your product that provides a solution! If your product or service is a problem-solver, start off with what might be the issue at hand. Later in the ad, address how your product/service takes care of the issue – this works particularly well if your business takes care of a big consumer issue/concern.  The bigger the problem, the mightier the impact your one-line solution/image will leave.
Source: 9/2015

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OOH Advertising Tops All Media with Consumer Connections Near Point-of-Purchase

Ad dollars spent in Out-Of-Home (OOH) advertising, “positively impact purchase behavior,” according to Jim Spaeth of RealityMine, who conducted a recent study.

The report determined that consumers rarely leave home without their mobile devices…and OOH’s reach, interactive capabilities and captivating messages move consumers to immediately look up and learn more about products and services. Additionally, OOH is more likely to reach potential clients in the hour leading up to mobile activities, consistently outperforming TV, Radio and Print.
According to Jim Spaeth, “OOH is often the first step on the path to purchase…and can secure shopper engagement with an effective hand-off to mobile.” Four out of ten respondents indicated that they had an OOH ad in mind up to one hour prior to engaging in their mobile online shopping action.
Remember…OOH Advertising – whether it’s Buses, Billboards, Benches and more – cannot be turned off, turned down, or tuned out. OOH Advertising is up live and working for you 24/7 to get your message out to potential customers and keep your company branded.
Article from OAAA 9/2/15, reported by Jack Loechner, Center for Media Research