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2014 Billboard Trends

-by Brad Peterson, Aug. 20th 2014

We’ve seen this personally in our business and are excited about the trends.

1. Street- Level Interactivity Many out-of-home providers have success stories involving an interactive component to their digital signage. In 2013 there was an influx of more interactive screen and kiosks as well. Simple interactive interfaces, messages or QR code elements move beyond impressions and generate consumer engagement. These include touch screens, senses (sight, touch and sound) elements and more!

2. Interaction with Mobile phones and Facebook (or other social media outlets) This is easy to incorporate into your ad. Bring potential customers to your site through QR codes or facebook address with coupons, special messages or extended content. This can increase a website search engine ratings with will allow more and more people to find you via Google, Yahoo and Bing.

billboard trends

3. Advanced Audience Metrics These involve data-centric technology such as facial recognition. Your ad can literally count how many people stop and read the ad. Some advanced ads can also perform and detect gender ratios, age and other demographics. Predictive analytics will help marketers direct ads toward a specific audience.

**Not all of these technologies are available to us in Tucson and some are available in Phoenix. But we are keeping up with trends and will let our customers know if new opportunities come to light.

Call Arizona Billboard Company today and find out how to start your marketing campaign. We have tools at our disposal which will help you target the audience you need, designers to help simplify and clarify your message and QR codes that bring your audience to your website or facebook. We can help!