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3 Rules to Billboard Success

-by Brad Peterson, June 20th 2014

Failure to adhere to these rules may result in campaign failure. Period.

We know that sounds harsh, but it is true and the truth is what business needs from advertisers. We want our customers to succeed and come back for more billboards and that is why we are adamant. The rules are tried and tested as well. Universities and governments study the propagation and effectiveness of billboards and we really believe in passing that information on to our customers.

Rule 1
Keep Headlines Short and Sweet. Headlines grab peoples attention and should communicate your boards intention with six words or less. That makes sense. Your trying to communicate to people driving 40 MPH in town or 70- 80 MPH on freeways. Your competing with backseat drivers, noisy children demanding to repeat that Frozen song and a cell phone begging to be answered.

Rule 2
Show rather than tell Telling in a billboard can lead to too many words. Sometimes you need a great picture that speaks loudly for your brand or service. Maybe get a 3D element in there. The possibilities are endless here. We know creating memorable headlines and images can be difficult. But we’re here to help. We’ve got lots of experience in creating something memorable without being too complex or confusing.

Rule 3
A Call to Action isn’t always Necessary Your entire billboard is a call to action to buy something, turn left at an exit or go to a website. So there’s no real reason to add type or verbiage that tells people to take action. Just give them the information, make it appealing and like hungry fish, they’ll bite.