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Censorship in Phoenix?

Category : Billboard News

-April 23rd, 2013

guns save lives poster in phoenix bus ad50 pro-gun advertisements were removed from Phoenix bus shelters. The signs read, “Guns Save Lives.” and then promoted firearm safety classes. The signs were removed because they violated the city of Phoenix’s policy against putting up non-commercial advertisements on buses and other outdoor ad spots.

Now an unlikely pair has combined forces to fight the decision. The American Civil Liberties Union and the conservative Goldwater Institute will wage the legal battle against the city saying the move violates free speech and is based on a policy that is ‘vague’ and unconstitutional.

The bus posters were originally put up in 2010 by Alan Korwin who manages He put up the ads after the 2010 passage of a state law which expanded the concealed-carry rights of lawful gun owners.

Phoenix officials took the posters down within days saying they did not promote the website or their business clearly but instead conveyed a political message.

Read more about this issue here.

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Bush or Obama

Category : Billboard News

-April 5th, 2013

billboard fake campainA billboard campaign asked people to vote for Bush or Obama’s face to be added to Mt. Rushmore. An outdoor ad association put up billboards in an effort to track billboard engagement. The campaign ran from March 4th to March 29th and were put up in Cincinnati, Phoenix, Sacramento and San Antonio.

No one at the Mount Rushmore National Memorial or National Park Service knew about the campaign.

What were the results?

“At the end of the four weeks, more than 70 percent of respondents said that Mount Rushmore should remain unchanged,” Freitas said.

And, he added: “There are no plans that we know of to add a new president to Mount Rushmore.”

Not surprising. I was curious as to how many people engaged in the ad but they wont tell us. At any rate, people see these billboards, engage and are affected by them. How can you use a billboard to drive your customers to your store or service? Call us for professional advice.