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OAAA Awards

Arizona Billboard Company is a member of OAAAThe Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA) has revealed the 69 contenders for the 2013 OBIE Awards. It is the 71st anniversary of the OBIE Awards. They are the oldest and most prestigious awards in outdoor advertising market.

In addition to the Silver and Gold OBIE Awards, OAAA will have three top prizes: Best Billboard Campaign, Best Street Furniture/Transit/Alternative Campaign, and Best Multi-format Campaign.

“To me, great OOH invites participation. It doesn’t scream; it pleasantly surprises and becomes a welcome part of your day,” said 2013 OBIE Chief Judge Jim Elliott, chief creative officer, Young & Rubicam New York.

The 69 campaigns nominated this year demonstrate the vast and varied ways engagement opportunities can be executed within the OOH medium. Some campaigns captured consumers’ interest with bold creative vi­sions, such as the ABSOLUT Greyhound campaign, which used industrial design elements to bring its mascots to life.Billboard for ABSOLUT

Other campaigns lured audiences into two-way conversations with the brand. Purina Beneful’s Columbus Circle digital ad allowed passersby to play a game of fetch with dogs on an interactive screen and even design their own dogs. (Purina article click here)

Billboard for Purina- inderactive digital board

“This year’s OBIE finalists encompass all that OOH has become – an advertising platform that can be compelling, interactive, and funny,” said OAAA Chief Marketing Officer Stephen Freitas. “These campaigns are perfect examples of the virtually unlimited potential for creativity in OOH.”

Elliot added, “What excites me about what I’m seeing right now in OOH would have to be this interplay between the digital world and the physical world, and this real-time ping pong match between the two. I think we’ve only just begun to understand the full power of how those two worlds can work.”

This year’s winners will be announced at the 71st Annual OBIE Awards event on May 21. The event will be held on the closing night of the 2013 OAAA/TAB National Convention & Trade Show at the JW Marriott LA LIVE! Stay Tuned and we’ll bring you the winners!

OAAA website link: click here

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Billboard News

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-March 18th, 2013

Lima Peru billboardArizona Billboard Company stumbles across novel uses of billboards from time to time and we always like to share. This article (yahoo news: Mon, Feb 25, 2013) is one of those times.

This billboard converts desert air into drinking water.

How you say? First lets talk ‘why’. The billboard is in Lima which gets LESS than one inch of rain per year on average but has humidity levels around 98 percent. You can image how water starved this area is.

Now comes the ‘how’. The agency May DraftFCB and Peru’s University of Engineering and Technology created this billboard that harvests atmospheric moisture then filters it to produce portable water. It stores this water in 20 liter tanks. The billboard advertises it’s marvelous technology in order to spread the word about this new technology and to show the people how the water shortage is being taken care of.

According to the University, the billboard can produce 9,450 liters of drinking water in about three months. Hooray for this billboard! Here in Southern Arizona, we know what water shortages can mean. We don’t have the need for one of these billboards yet but we sincerely hope Lima gets the water they need, even if it uses up a few billboards.