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TV Ads May Not Be Worth Your Time

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-August 20th, 2012

No TV ads or radio ads. Try billboardsIf you are looking to market your business or service you need to look at all marketing strategies and choose the right one for you. That said, year after year Outdoor media, including billboard ads, vehicle graphics, mobile billboards, digital billboards and bus shelter ads, make more sense and have higher satisfaction rates than television and radio ads. If you can advertise on a billboard or bus shelter and run a TV or radio ad then go for it. But if you are looking to target specific areas for your business then outdoor media advertising is the way to go. Some examples of businesses that would benefit from a local market billboard ad are restaurants, local businesses, concerts and bars. Do you have to feel bad for the poor tv networks who have taken a 12% hit in advertising revenue compared to 2009? (so says the findings from the Yankee Group’s 2009 Anywhere Advertising Records.)No you don’t. There is a right place and time for TV ads. But more and more people are watching television and movies online. Therefore a large percentage of your audience will never see your TV ad.

Now consider radio ads. New cars are equipped with radios that play satellite radio services like Sirius XM. This obviates the need for local business to use radio commercials. Just a few statistics to think about. Sirius XM radios are found in 60 % of new cars and 46 % of those radios are activated on a paid subscription. Also, 30% of older cars are equipped with new radios that have the ability to play Sirius stations. We see local radio station ad revenue dropping as well.

So while we’re not trying to scare you away from advertising on the TV and Radio. We know that there are so many benefits to local billboard advertising and other outdoor ads that you should consider before signing up to a TV commercial or radio ad. Just call us today. We’ll be glad to share our professional knowledge with you and help you find the perfect spot for your billboard.