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Proud Member of the OAAA!

-July 30, 2012

Arizona Billboard Connection is a proud member of the OAAA. Who is the OAAA anyway? It is the Outdoor Advertising Association of America that’s who. When you are looking to buy outdoor advertisements- which include billboards, bus benches, outdoor posters, freeway signs, bus signage, airport signage, bus posters and more- you need to work with trained professionals in the outdoor advertising market. You also need trustworthy and effective representation when choosing the site for your ad. Every advertising market has rules and guidelines that help your billboard be as effective as possible. At Arizona Billboard Company we know how to do things right.The Outdoor Advertising Association of America logo

Our member ship in the OAAA means a few different things:

1. We work with the experts in the outdoor marketing field. Those experts operate on a national and global level bringing the best knowledge to our sales and design environment.

2. OAAA works with the government directly to bring sensible regulations to the advertising market while protecting our rights as advertisers. This allows us to stay on top of the government regulations so you know exactly what your advertising options are.

3. The OAAA markets for outdoor advertising and studies the effectiveness of the marketplace. This helps us understand the larger picture of outdoor marketing and market trends on a local and national scale.

4. They unite other billboard and other advertising companies into a community of thoughtful and productive peers. Who then share their learning experiences and help others to succeed. Being apart of this community help us to help you succeed.

5. The OAAA has an operational support team that helps improve outdoor advertising quality, appearance, safety and effectiveness. This helps our sales, design and install team bring you successful billboards and posters safely and effectively.

In short, Arizona Billboard Connections is a proud member of the Outdoor Advertising Association of America. They are tools in our toolbox that we build upon and use to help you get the most out of your advertising dollars. This brings you closer to your sales or branding goals and lets you know who to come to for all your outdoor advertising needs.