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Mobile Billboards Work!

Category : Billboard Successes

-June 20, 2012

Creative and Effective Vehicle Graphics

What can be said about mobile billboards? They are great for advertising and growing your business. The other day I was driving down the freeway when my eye caught a red color zipping toward me. My head snapped to the side looking out the passenger side window. My foot pulled off the gas and tapped the brake hesitantly. What happened? Nothing. It was a merging Red Bull vehicle. My eye caught the motion of the vehicle as it was merging on the highway. I ordered my heart to relax and resumed full speed, but something was nagging at me. It was the subtle, yet clear, pulsating idea in my head that what I was going to do when I got gas next was get a Red Bull drink.

I wonder how many people have this experience? MILLIONS. That is why Red Bull spends 900 million dollars in advertising, roughly 1/5 of that is spend on their vehicle fleet and their remote sponsorship events where their vehicle graphics serve as mobile billboards. And guess what their yearly revenue is? 4.5 billion dollars a year. Woah, that’s commitment. We have all seen those vehicle around town.

Even if you don’t drink Red Bull, you know that their advertising works. So this year, don’t just watch the other, flashy and eye catching vehicle graphics that you drive by every day. Chose to get a mobile billboard or some vehicle graphics so that people are watching you!