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We Makes Your Business Look Good

Category : Billboard Successes

-Febuary 29th, 2012

Here at Arizona Billboard Company, we take pride in our billboards. When we contract a billboard or advertising campaign we take time to make sure you get the most effective billboard design, period. There are criteria we look at when designing a board. We look at where the billboard is located and how it is seen from the road. With the visibility of the billboard we will know how large the type on the billboard needs to be and what kind of message will be the most effective. If you would like a photo on your board we have an extensive, hi-resolution photo library to work with. Sometimes you have a photo that you’d like to use. If the photo doesn’t quite work we’ll do what we can to fix the photo so your message is communicated as effectively as possible. Below is an example of the abilities of our graphic designer. It’s a photo of a dining car restaurant in Wilcox, Arizona. They had a picture of their dining car but it was covered in trees, a sign and there was a ladder covering the entrance obscuring the dining car. Arizona Billboard Company realized that the original photo of the dining car was not clear enough for the billboard. So our designers got to work cleaning up the photo.

original photo of dining car covered in trees and a metal stairway

Now we can see that the restaurant is in a dining car, but a driver 50 feet away and going 75 miles per hour, might miss it. So we cleaned things up a bit.

You can see that the light post is gone, the trees are gone, the ladders are gone and the air conditioning is gone. Our graphic artist literally repainted elements of the dining car that were covered up. What is left is a clear image of a dining car that potential customers won’t miss.

This turned out to be a great billboard and it is clear and effective. This is why our reputation is so good. We work hard to get your billboard or advertisement right.