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Coupons, Advertising and YOU

coupons in qr codesCan you put a coupon on a billboard? Yes you can! Most people would have said no. It seems counter-intuitive to put a coupon on a billboard or outdoor advertisement doesn’t it? You can’t cut out and take a portion of the billboard with you to the store. However, technology is changing and so are coupons. Now, coupons are popping up on billboards, the sides of buildings, bus benches and in mobile advertising though the use of QR codes.

There are more options for coupons in Outdoor Media Advertisements. You could mention a password or keyword, list a unique 1-800 number for the coupon or direct customers to a unique web address. Any of these techniques can drive customers to your business. Arizona Billboard Company of Tucson & Phoenix can help you decide what is best for your business.

Read the article below to see what the OAAA says about coupons and coupon studies.

Coupon usage continues to be one of the most beloved acts of the American consumer, with 81 percent of shoppers indicating they use coupons to save money. That’s the fifth consecutive year of gains, reports Valassis.

However, one big shift in behavior is how consumers are using those savings: increasingly applying them to everyday necessities such as paying for food and gas. Only 35 percent say the savings go toward paying down debt, and a far less number of people apply the savings toward creating an emergency fund.

Valassis reports that only 0.3 percent of all coupon users fall into the very low income category. The majority spends 20 to 30 minutes gathering coupons and sales information per week, and will give up if it becomes too difficult. They also won’t bite at skimpy coupons, while 80 percent look for coupons associated with products they already recognize.

In a similar study fielded by Deloitte and Harrison Group, 80 percent of shoppers like to see how much money they can save with coupon use or shopper loyalty cards. Sixty-nine percent are disappointed when they discover that a brand recently purchased is on sale at another store.

Out of home advertising reaches people near the point of sale just before a purchase decision and can be an effective reminder about sale prices and special deals. Linking out of home with social media can direct consumers to find online coupons while they are actively traveling in the marketplace. See original article by clicking here.