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Choice is tough. Make it easy for your customers.

Choose Billboard and bus bench advertismentHave you ever been to a store and had so many product choices that you couldn’t decide so you left empty handed? Or how about this scenario: While shopping, you don’t make a decision based upon reading any of the product labels or researching the product so you just pick the familiar brand or the cheapest deal.

This is why advertising works. You are essentially making the choice for your customers by infusing your brand or service in their brains. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Who has time in their lives to delve into the minutia of a product or service, compare differences, similarities and price every store until your satisfied with making the best decision? Not to many people. We all have hectic lives and advertisers are competing for the little attention they get.

Billboards are great for this competition. They’re proven and effective at selling brands, products and services. Bus Benches are great too and so are car wraps or mobile billboards. All of these advertising methods are visible by thousands of people on a daily basis and they get attention if the design is done right. This holiday season, make the choice for your customer. Advertise yourself so when someone thinks of a product or service that you provide – YOUR business comes to mind.

If you’re interested in reading more about the psychology of choice, there’s a great book out there that is a must read called,The Paradox of Choice, by Barry Schwartz. In the book Barry Schwartz comes to an interesting conclusion involving human choice.

“People choose not on the basis of what’s most important, but on what’s easiest to evaluate.”

So get your message out there. Get a billboard, bus bench, poster advertisement or a vehicle wrap today! Billboard Connection Tucson and Phoenix can help get you seen! Contact Us today! The holiday season is right around the corner.