Thermo Reactive Billboards and Emotional selling

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Thermo Reactive Billboards and Emotional selling

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-by Brad Peterson, feb 25th 2014

The future is now. Sort of. We’ve all seen those thermo-reactive toys and nicknacks that kids find magical. For example: t-shirts that add color when the sun hits them, sun glasses that darken in the sun and the kids toys that turn hot pink when you dip them in water. Well, some big brain took that idea to a billboard.

When the temperature is warm you can navigate your smart phone without any worries, but when it’s cold? That’s a different story. So Nokia developed a phone that works when your gloves are on. Novel idea!

Once a company has these novel ideas and then produces them they then have to raise awareness of them so they can empty the shelves. Billboards are remarkably effective in this endeavor and even more so when the message is creative and unique.

Enter the Nokia ad stage left.

billboard for gloves on cell phonesWhen the weather is warm the phone ad is pretty simple saying, “Make love.” Which is a positive message and turns heads. But Nokia doesn’t want to sell love. They want to sell phones. So, with thermo reactive inks printed on the billboard, when the temperature gets frigid the thermo reactive billboard adds text that changes the message to, “Make calls with gloves on.”

Picture this: The day is done. You wait for the trolly on Broadway surrounded by the darkness of the starry night. It’s a bit chilly so you slip on your jacket and gloves. After a hard day at work you now feel the radiant heat of your body trapped in thermo layers of cotton and synthetic fibers and it allows your mussels to relax. You lean back on the bench and smile. This night is off to a great start. You pull out your phone intending to call a loved one and spread the warm feeling you’ve got with conversation through connectivity but you can’t dial your smart phone with gloves on. Frustration snaps you out of your element and jabs at your medulla oblongata. Then you see it. Nokia’s ad just changed due to the temperature drop. They’re selling a solution to your problem! Now you’re going to go get that phone. Dialing or navigating the web with gloves on seems like such a good idea. It’s solidified. It’s sold.

That’s the power of creativity through need and suggestion. It would never have been so powerful a message had you not been cold. Billboards are messages that speak to us while were out and about in the world. They inform and promote and can be oh so successful when the message is pithy and relevant.

Arizona Billboard Company can help you get your message out there. Call us. Maybe you’ve got a novel idea that will help sell your goods or service. Let us help you design that advertisement so it is as effective as it can be!