Out of Home is Up to the Job

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Out of Home is Up to the Job

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OAAA has a new report out on the successful uses of billboard advertising. The article is below.

Employers are looking to hire full-time staff again. More than four in 10 businesses report mild to significant recovery from the recession and as of November 2011, there were 3.2 million job openings in the US. Nearly three-quarters (73%) of HR professionals report their organizations are hiring full-time permanent employees.

Organizations with 500 or more employees are more likely to be hiring full-time employees than other businesses. However, more than half of these individuals are having trouble finding properly skilled workers for job openings at their companies. Outdoor advertising can reach job seekers.

On average Americans spend 25.1 minutes commuting to work. Seventy-six percent of workers drive alone to work. Another 10 percent carpool and 5 percent take public transportation. These are potential job seekers who are exposed to out of home advertising.

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