Digital Billboards Go Viral. . . Because They Can.

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Digital Billboards Go Viral. . . Because They Can.

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-by Brad Peterson, feb 10th 2014

digital billboard goes viralDigital billboards are a great way to advertise and they are more inexpensive than traditional billboards because they are easy to put up and take down and they have differing time spans with each contract.

So is it any wonder people are using digital billboards to fan the flames of sport rivalries? We think it’s as funny as the gen manager of North Carolina Fairway Advertising company thinks. See, both sides of the rivalry are paying him to post ads that intentionally display misleading information.

Specifically, one ad says “Proud to call you one of our own, Russel!” then shows a badger and the hashtag #gobadgters. What’s the problem? Russel is spelled wrong. It’s Russell with two L’s. Who care’s? I don’t care about a former Badger / Pack/ Seahawks quarterback but I am fascinated with how viral the board went over the spelling error of dropping an L with an exclamation point.

“You’ve got to do something fun like this occasionally,” Hickman of NC Fairway Advertising said. “They’re laughing. At the end of the day, there’s a lot of laughing going on.”

The board captured the attention of national sports media like Sports Illustrated, Fox Sports and

It shows us how much people pay attention to ads. When you put up an digital billboard or a traditional board you are reaching out into the community. And Arizona Billboard Company can help you make that ad as effective as it can be. We might not get you globally viral but we know how to target your audience. And digital billboards are a great and affordable way to do just that.

Go Badgerz!!

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