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Censorship in Phoenix?

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-April 23rd, 2013

guns save lives poster in phoenix bus ad50 pro-gun advertisements were removed from Phoenix bus shelters. The signs read, “Guns Save Lives.” and then promoted firearm safety classes. The signs were removed because they violated the city of Phoenix’s policy against putting up non-commercial advertisements on buses and other outdoor ad spots.

Now an unlikely pair has combined forces to fight the decision. The American Civil Liberties Union and the conservative Goldwater Institute will wage the legal battle against the city saying the move violates free speech and is based on a policy that is ‘vague’ and unconstitutional.

The bus posters were originally put up in 2010 by Alan Korwin who manages He put up the ads after the 2010 passage of a state law which expanded the concealed-carry rights of lawful gun owners.

Phoenix officials took the posters down within days saying they did not promote the website or their business clearly but instead conveyed a political message.

Read more about this issue here.

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Bush or Obama

Category : Billboard News

-April 5th, 2013

billboard fake campainA billboard campaign asked people to vote for Bush or Obama’s face to be added to Mt. Rushmore. An outdoor ad association put up billboards in an effort to track billboard engagement. The campaign ran from March 4th to March 29th and were put up in Cincinnati, Phoenix, Sacramento and San Antonio.

No one at the Mount Rushmore National Memorial or National Park Service knew about the campaign.

What were the results?

“At the end of the four weeks, more than 70 percent of respondents said that Mount Rushmore should remain unchanged,” Freitas said.

And, he added: “There are no plans that we know of to add a new president to Mount Rushmore.”

Not surprising. I was curious as to how many people engaged in the ad but they wont tell us. At any rate, people see these billboards, engage and are affected by them. How can you use a billboard to drive your customers to your store or service? Call us for professional advice.

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OAAA Awards

Arizona Billboard Company is a member of OAAAThe Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA) has revealed the 69 contenders for the 2013 OBIE Awards. It is the 71st anniversary of the OBIE Awards. They are the oldest and most prestigious awards in outdoor advertising market.

In addition to the Silver and Gold OBIE Awards, OAAA will have three top prizes: Best Billboard Campaign, Best Street Furniture/Transit/Alternative Campaign, and Best Multi-format Campaign.

“To me, great OOH invites participation. It doesn’t scream; it pleasantly surprises and becomes a welcome part of your day,” said 2013 OBIE Chief Judge Jim Elliott, chief creative officer, Young & Rubicam New York.

The 69 campaigns nominated this year demonstrate the vast and varied ways engagement opportunities can be executed within the OOH medium. Some campaigns captured consumers’ interest with bold creative vi­sions, such as the ABSOLUT Greyhound campaign, which used industrial design elements to bring its mascots to life.Billboard for ABSOLUT

Other campaigns lured audiences into two-way conversations with the brand. Purina Beneful’s Columbus Circle digital ad allowed passersby to play a game of fetch with dogs on an interactive screen and even design their own dogs. (Purina article click here)

Billboard for Purina- inderactive digital board

“This year’s OBIE finalists encompass all that OOH has become – an advertising platform that can be compelling, interactive, and funny,” said OAAA Chief Marketing Officer Stephen Freitas. “These campaigns are perfect examples of the virtually unlimited potential for creativity in OOH.”

Elliot added, “What excites me about what I’m seeing right now in OOH would have to be this interplay between the digital world and the physical world, and this real-time ping pong match between the two. I think we’ve only just begun to understand the full power of how those two worlds can work.”

This year’s winners will be announced at the 71st Annual OBIE Awards event on May 21. The event will be held on the closing night of the 2013 OAAA/TAB National Convention & Trade Show at the JW Marriott LA LIVE! Stay Tuned and we’ll bring you the winners!

OAAA website link: click here

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Billboard News

Category : Billboard News

-March 18th, 2013

Lima Peru billboardArizona Billboard Company stumbles across novel uses of billboards from time to time and we always like to share. This article (yahoo news: Mon, Feb 25, 2013) is one of those times.

This billboard converts desert air into drinking water.

How you say? First lets talk ‘why’. The billboard is in Lima which gets LESS than one inch of rain per year on average but has humidity levels around 98 percent. You can image how water starved this area is.

Now comes the ‘how’. The agency May DraftFCB and Peru’s University of Engineering and Technology created this billboard that harvests atmospheric moisture then filters it to produce portable water. It stores this water in 20 liter tanks. The billboard advertises it’s marvelous technology in order to spread the word about this new technology and to show the people how the water shortage is being taken care of.

According to the University, the billboard can produce 9,450 liters of drinking water in about three months. Hooray for this billboard! Here in Southern Arizona, we know what water shortages can mean. We don’t have the need for one of these billboards yet but we sincerely hope Lima gets the water they need, even if it uses up a few billboards.


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Billboards Work in Special Ways Too

You may have seen the billboards this summer: “You have two, I only need one.”



For the past two months, 25 digital billboards across the mid-Atlantic have been displaying a personal plea from Aretha Swift, an Abington, Pa., mother of three who is seeking an organ donor.Thanks to the campaign, five benevolent strangers have come forward.  The would-be donors have already submitted their medical paperwork and agreed to undergo testing to see if they are a match.


Overall, the campaign attracted attention from more than 30 media outlets, brought 1,521 unique visitors to Swift’s website and motivated 21 inquires from people interested in donating a kidney. The campaign lasted from June 1 to July 31. Last Thursday, Swift met with two Philadelphians and one man from Norristown, Pa., who are potential donors.

Bartkowski was in charge of setting the meetings up. “[Thursday] was such a full day for me, it was overwhelming and awesome,” said Swift, who has been undergoing dialysis three days a week. Of the five potential donors, three are women and two are men, ranging in age from their late 20s to late 50s. Geographically speaking, four of the five are from the greater Philadelphia area and one is from Virginia, but is a Philadelphia native.  “By having more than one person, it increases [Swift’s] chances,” said Thaddeus Bartkowski, a business owner who coordinated the billboard campaign.

It is possible that some of the willing donors might not be a match health-wise for Swift, but Bartkowski and Swift are cautiously optimistic that one of the five will be able to follow through with the medical procedure.  “This could take up to three months,” Swift said. “It’s a process …it’s up to them to follow through and it’s up to me to keep a relationship. Even if they don’t, I am still grateful they were even considering and willing to meet with me.”


The billboards were donated by outdoor advertising companies. Bartkowski, who operates Catalyst Outdoor Advertising, came up with the idea for the campaign and persuaded other business owners to participate.  The billboards were visible as far north as Times Square in Manhattan, along the Jersey Shore, throughout the Philadelphia suburbs and as far west as Reading, Pa.


Swift was diagnosed with acute renal kidney failure in 2010. “I do believe I will get a kidney soon,” Swift said. “I believe that someone’s going to do that for me. I just need to be patient, take care of myself and continue to go to treatment.”

“[Bartkowski] has been very proactive,” Swift said. “He has really taken this thing on head-first.”  Bartkowski said he was moved by the stories of the individuals who are unrelated to Swift but still willing to donate. Bartkowski said he hopes Swift’s story continues to grow even though the campaign for the billboards has concluded.  “People should give it serious consideration,” Bartkowski said. “Even though we have five people, [Swift] still doesn’t have a guaranteed donor here.”

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A Brief History of Outdoor Advertising

Category : Billboard News

-September 24th, 2012
Digital Billboard1835: The first large outdoor poster in America debuted in New York when Jared Bell printed one for a circus. 

1850: Exterior advertising was first used on street railways.


1867: The first leasing of billboards was recorded.


1872: The International Bill Posters’ Association of North America was formed in St. Louis.


1900: A standardized billboard structure created in the U.S. ushered in a boom of national billboard campaigns. Big advertisers such as Palmolive, Kellogg and Coca-Cola began mass-producing outdoor messages from coast to coast.


1934: The industry established the Traffic Audit Bureau to provide advertisers with data to determine outdoor audience size.


1958: Congress passed the first federal legislation to voluntarily control billboards along Interstate highways. The law was known as the Bonus Act because states were given bonus incentives to control signs.


1965: President Lyndon Johnson signed the Highway Beautification Act into law. It controlled billboards on Interstate and some primary highways by limiting them to commercial and industrial areas and by requiring states to set size, lighting and spacing standards.


Digital Billboard

1970s: Billboard companies commissioned research on the creation of messages by computer. Ultimately, this led to computer painting on vinyl.


1990s: Digital technology allowed computer-painted outdoor advertising to replace hand-painted boards.


1999: Outdoor advertising for tobacco was banned.


2005: The first digital boards were installed.


visit: for more info!

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TV Ads May Not Be Worth Your Time

Category : Billboard News

-August 20th, 2012

No TV ads or radio ads. Try billboardsIf you are looking to market your business or service you need to look at all marketing strategies and choose the right one for you. That said, year after year Outdoor media, including billboard ads, vehicle graphics, mobile billboards, digital billboards and bus shelter ads, make more sense and have higher satisfaction rates than television and radio ads. If you can advertise on a billboard or bus shelter and run a TV or radio ad then go for it. But if you are looking to target specific areas for your business then outdoor media advertising is the way to go. Some examples of businesses that would benefit from a local market billboard ad are restaurants, local businesses, concerts and bars. Do you have to feel bad for the poor tv networks who have taken a 12% hit in advertising revenue compared to 2009? (so says the findings from the Yankee Group’s 2009 Anywhere Advertising Records.)No you don’t. There is a right place and time for TV ads. But more and more people are watching television and movies online. Therefore a large percentage of your audience will never see your TV ad.

Now consider radio ads. New cars are equipped with radios that play satellite radio services like Sirius XM. This obviates the need for local business to use radio commercials. Just a few statistics to think about. Sirius XM radios are found in 60 % of new cars and 46 % of those radios are activated on a paid subscription. Also, 30% of older cars are equipped with new radios that have the ability to play Sirius stations. We see local radio station ad revenue dropping as well.

So while we’re not trying to scare you away from advertising on the TV and Radio. We know that there are so many benefits to local billboard advertising and other outdoor ads that you should consider before signing up to a TV commercial or radio ad. Just call us today. We’ll be glad to share our professional knowledge with you and help you find the perfect spot for your billboard.

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Proud Member of the OAAA!

-July 30, 2012

Arizona Billboard Connection is a proud member of the OAAA. Who is the OAAA anyway? It is the Outdoor Advertising Association of America that’s who. When you are looking to buy outdoor advertisements- which include billboards, bus benches, outdoor posters, freeway signs, bus signage, airport signage, bus posters and more- you need to work with trained professionals in the outdoor advertising market. You also need trustworthy and effective representation when choosing the site for your ad. Every advertising market has rules and guidelines that help your billboard be as effective as possible. At Arizona Billboard Company we know how to do things right.The Outdoor Advertising Association of America logo

Our member ship in the OAAA means a few different things:

1. We work with the experts in the outdoor marketing field. Those experts operate on a national and global level bringing the best knowledge to our sales and design environment.

2. OAAA works with the government directly to bring sensible regulations to the advertising market while protecting our rights as advertisers. This allows us to stay on top of the government regulations so you know exactly what your advertising options are.

3. The OAAA markets for outdoor advertising and studies the effectiveness of the marketplace. This helps us understand the larger picture of outdoor marketing and market trends on a local and national scale.

4. They unite other billboard and other advertising companies into a community of thoughtful and productive peers. Who then share their learning experiences and help others to succeed. Being apart of this community help us to help you succeed.

5. The OAAA has an operational support team that helps improve outdoor advertising quality, appearance, safety and effectiveness. This helps our sales, design and install team bring you successful billboards and posters safely and effectively.

In short, Arizona Billboard Connections is a proud member of the Outdoor Advertising Association of America. They are tools in our toolbox that we build upon and use to help you get the most out of your advertising dollars. This brings you closer to your sales or branding goals and lets you know who to come to for all your outdoor advertising needs.

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7 straight quarters of Growth!

Category : Billboard News

-March 29th, 2012

Marketing Forecast reports that this is the 7th quarter of growth for the outdoor advertising world. This This growth rate was stronger than the general ad market experienced, notes Stephen Freitas, OAAA Chief Marketing Officer. Overall, the top 10 categories in out-of-home advertising account for nearly 80% of industry spending. This is evidence that people pay attention to billboards, bus bench advertising, posters, mobile billboards and other forms of outdoor advertising. Here’s the breakdown:
Miscellaneous Services and Amusements: ($1.13 billion)
Media and Advertising: ($626 million)
Retail: ($536 million)
Financial: ($504 million)
Restaurants: ($491 million)
Public trans, hotels, and resorts: ($485 million)

Get in the game and advertise your business today. We’ll make sure your billboard or advertisement has the best chance of success utilizing design clarity, location selection and our professional advice.


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19 New Billboards in 2012

Category : Billboard News

-March 20th, 2012

digital billboards19 new digital billboards have been approved and will be erected in the 101 loop in Phoenix, Arizona. This is good news for advertisers looking for new markets in the very successful outdoor advertising market. There are rules, however. Three currently used signs must be taken down before the new digital billboard sign can be installed. This will help to keep sign and advertising clutter to a minimum.

When will Tucson get digital billboards? I often ask my self why Tucson is opposed to digital billboards along I-10. So I googled it. It turns out there are some lobby groups that are opposed to the digital boards. Astronomers are one of these groups. “These types of billboards project light horizontally and it can increase sky glow at distances quite a ways from the source, so the potential to brighten skies in the rural part of the state is significant,” says Lowell Observatory Director Jeff Hall. Do you agree with Jeff?

Another lobby against digital billboards are people that oppose the bright LED lights distracting from the gorgeous sunsets and starry skies. What do you think about this?

Finally, I ran across an environmental group that says the electricity usage that LED digital billboards is too high. We’d love to get your opinion on this so go to our facebook page and discuss this with us.