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Billboards and Fundraising

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-by Brad Peterson, Sep. 16th 2014

school billboardWhen a private organization and a public one reaches out to raise some funds they need to appeal to the widest possible market so that everyone can see their message not just a select few. Billboards appeal and are seen by the largest ad market out there. Diversity seems to play well with fundraising.

But we know that, right? Yup. It’s not a secret that billboards are necessary for fundraising campaigns but now there’s a novel NEW idea. Billboards in schools.

Oshkosh Area School District is having success with a billboard campaign designed to raise funds for Wisconsin area schools. Behind the campaign is a parent-teacher organization and Ad-ucation Media (a Hart-ford based media fundraising company that works with public and private school districts selling ad space on mini-billboards that feature educational or inspirational messages.

All the proceeds on the ad sales will benefit the schools directly making up for the loss of soda and candy machine sales (that have dwindled) and from candy bar fundraisers (which are not widely supported by parents anymore). This is much needed revenue for schools! To my surprise schools have reported as much as 30 to 40 thousand dollar losses in revenue. So if billboard advertisements or positive message can help bridge the gap that junk food had filled is okay with us.

Quote from The
“Starting this fall, the company will sell billboard space in Oshkosh area public schools as part of a one-year pilot program that organizers say will generate revenue for the school district. Each billboard includes a business logo that may cover no more than 10 percent of the 4-by-8 space. The school district will receive a commission of about $100 per month for each billboard placed in a school.

Superintendent Stan Mack II, who will be in charge of approving the local sponsors, said he will not approve any companies, for example, whose primary business is to sell alcohol or tobacco products. The revenue will fund elementary school PTOs and student clubs in the secondary-school level.

Ad-ucation also provides districts with the option of having students themselves sign some of the billboards, teaching them how to research, develop marketing strategies and create their own design, Jewell said.”