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-March 18th, 2013

Lima Peru billboardArizona Billboard Company stumbles across novel uses of billboards from time to time and we always like to share. This article (yahoo news: Mon, Feb 25, 2013) is one of those times.

This billboard converts desert air into drinking water.

How you say? First lets talk ‘why’. The billboard is in Lima which gets LESS than one inch of rain per year on average but has humidity levels around 98 percent. You can image how water starved this area is.

Now comes the ‘how’. The agency May DraftFCB and Peru’s University of Engineering and Technology created this billboard that harvests atmospheric moisture then filters it to produce portable water. It stores this water in 20 liter tanks. The billboard advertises it’s marvelous technology in order to spread the word about this new technology and to show the people how the water shortage is being taken care of.

According to the University, the billboard can produce 9,450 liters of drinking water in about three months. Hooray for this billboard! Here in Southern Arizona, we know what water shortages can mean. We don’t have the need for one of these billboards yet but we sincerely hope Lima gets the water they need, even if it uses up a few billboards.