Billboard has Eyes

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Billboard has Eyes

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-by Brad Peterson, Aug. 29th, 2013

There’s a new billboard in town. The new billboard doesn’t just like to be looked at, but it looks back at you. This is a revolutionary idea and is taking root in London. No doubt the watchful billboard will be coming to a town near you.

There is a billboard in JCDecux London Cromwell Rd that recognizes Mini car drivers. It pops up an ad based on the color and model of the Mini you’re driving.

On 29 August an experiential element will be added. On that day, drivers will be invited to interact with the billboard and will be offered a series of treats – such as bacon sandwiches and smoothies in the morning, or a tank of fuel, or flowers on the home-time drive – at a designated pull-in space on the road.
The campaign, created by Iris, Vizeum and Posterscope, has been designed to celebrate the “spirit of inventiveness” among Mini owners.

The applications of this idea has potential beyond product and purchase support. Image driving along. Your car is recognized and depending on the time of day and your location you’re given a free cup of coffee at a nearby java house. There you decide on a whim to get a scone. There’s the upset. I can envision a future where billboards talk to your car directly or your cell phone.

Say your facebook page says your stressed. That billboard two miles from work might just off you a free massage from Rubs. How cool will that be?